John Waddell, former Puget Sound & Washington Area Welfare Director

John Waddell passed away on June 20. John was known as a dedicated unionist who did an exemplary job as the Area Welfare Director for the Puget Sound and Washington State.

John was registered in Local 32 in the Port of Everett, Washington in 1963. During his career he was elected by the membership to serve as business agent, executive board member, and on the labor relations committee.

In 1981 he was appointed to serve as the Puget Sound and Washington Area Welfare Director, a post he held for 16 years. John was credited by many as being instrumental in helping to secure maintenance of benefits for the ILWU’s health and welfare plan.

“John was a good union man. He was a guy you definitely wanted to have during negotiations,” said Ron Costa from Local 63.

“It’s because of people like John who have fought for our maintenance of benefits for our health and welfare plan that we have what we have today,” said International President Bob McEllrath. “

“John Waddell trained many of us in the benefits area,” said Tony Sogliuzzo, former Southern California Area Welfare Director. I’ll always cherish his passion for the most needy of our union family—the retired, the widowed, the disabled and all others who cannot help themselves.”


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