Executive Offices

Executive Offices

1188 Franklin Street, 4th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94109-6800
phone: 415.775.0533
fax: 415.775.1302

Titled Officers

Robert McEllrath, President
Ray Familathe, Vice President (Mainland)
Wesley Furtado, Vice President (Hawaii)
William E. Adams, Secretary-Treasurer


Alexandra Jurczak, Office Manager/Executive Secretary
Rebecca Contreras, , Accounting Manager
Heidi Merriman, Bookkeeper
Jorge Freiberg, Administrative Assistant


Coast Committee

Frank Ponce De Leon, Committeeman
Cameron Williams, Committeeman
Kirsten Donovan, Director of Contract Administration and Arbitration
John Castanho, Benefits Specialist
Jennifer Sargent, Coast Communications
Diana Gomez, Administrator
Haydee Lind, Accounting and Finance Manager
Sue Lew, Coast Bookkeeper
Christine P. Hernandez-Mayer, Administrative Assistant
April Campos, Administrative Assistant

Communications Department and The Dispatcher

Craig Merrilees, Communications Director & SeniorEditor
Roy San Filippo, Editor

Organizing Department

Agustin Ramirez, Lead Organizer

Research and Education Department

Russ Bargmann, Director
Robin Walker,Director of Educational Services, Librarian and Archivist

Washington D.C. Office

1025 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 507
Washington, DC 20036
Lindsay McLaughlin, Legislative Director
Bianca Blomquist, Legislative Assistant

International Union
phone: 202.463.6265
fax: 202.467.4875

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